Cookie Clicker

Cookie Clicker is an online game in which the player has to click on a giant cookie to produce more cookies and Unblock Cookie Clicker Features like Farms, Grandma, and other tools. With the upgraded version of Cookie Clicker Online, you can get the benefit of many other upgraded features.

Cookie Clicker – About the Game

Cookie Clicker is the easiest game to produce cookies. It is an idle game in which the player clicks on the big cookie on the screen in order to generate cookies. These generated cookies are used for purchasing items, assets, cursors, and many more.

With the latest update (14 July 2023), there is an increase in the efficiency of your buildings and taps and also you can make more cookies faster.

The following are the new features:

πŸ’¨ Spend your cookie earnings to buy additional cookies.
πŸ’¨ More than 600 upgrades
πŸ’¨ 500+ Accomplishments
πŸ’¨ Cloud storage

How to Play Cookie Clicker?

Julien ‘Orteil’ Thiennot created the entertaining idle clicker game called Cookie Clicker. The following are the two very simple steps to play the game:

  1. Click the big cookie to earn another cookie.
  2. Use your cookies to buy resources and upgrades.

Advice & Planning – Cookie Clicker

The game is classified into four categories: Early Game, Mid Game, Late Game, and Infinity Game.

Early Game

In the beginning, clicking on the Cookie will be very helpful. It is advised to purchase 1 Cursor and 5 Grandmas at the game’s start. Around 25 Grandmas, 15 Farms, and 15 Mines are purchased at that stage.

Mid Game

The majority of this phase is spent waiting for your machine to automatically produce cookies for you. 1 cookie each click is quite insignificant when compared to the 1000 cookies per second that your computers make.

Late Game

Purchasing the most expensive upgrades and assets is the main objective in the late game. Grandmas and Cursors can greatly increase their value by purchasing upgrades.

Infinity Game

The “Infinity ” option reveals more information and raises your prestige rating. If you select it, your entire game will be reset, but you’ll advance a little faster each time.

Pros and cons of Cookie Clicker


πŸͺ An idle game about cookies
πŸͺ No download or sign-in is required
πŸͺ No ads
πŸͺ Completely free
πŸͺ Endless hours of fun and entertainment
πŸͺ Numerous achievements and rewards
πŸͺ Lots of upgrades and buildings


πŸͺ Doesn’t require much strategy skill.
πŸͺ Time consuming.
πŸͺ Good Internet connection.
πŸͺ Repetitive Gameplay

What’s new?

  • scale display fix
  • alpha/live toggle fix
  • stay tuned for upcoming content updates!
Graphics 90%
Gameplay 100%
Multiplayer 80%
Replayability 100%

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What makes Cookie Clicker so addictive?

Cookie Clicker Free become so addictive because of its Repetition Simplicity and also incremental rewards. With the completion of each level, you’ll get exciting rewards like grandma, Farms, Factories, and so on.

How do you get good at Cookie Clicker fast?

For becoming good at cookie clicker online you must keep in mind the following thing:
*Purchasing Improvements
*Keep an eye out for golden cookies
*Upgrade Early and Often
*Go for Achievements
*Buy lots of grandmothers

Is it possible to beat Cookie Clicker?

There is no actual end to Cookie Clicker unblocked. So, technically, it can’t be beaten. If you apply some mathematical strategies and tricks so that you can focus on your goals and produce more cookies to win the game.

What is the most useful thing in Cookie Clicker?

The most common technique you should follow is to use upgrades to maximize your CpS and stop purchasing upgrades after One Mind and Exotic Nuts in the Cookie Clicker game.

Is this Cookie Clicker Game Scary?

When you start playing cookie clicker the game for free you’ll get something after completing each level. As you gain more points the Grandmapocalypse becomes more intense, with more images of different grandmas of various sizes with some scary intensity.


Hope, you liked the Cookie Clicker Game and also get some special rewards for your winning. The most amazing feature is that this is compatible with multiple devices such as a Desktop, Tablet, or Android Device. These web games won’t harm your device if you face any trouble playing then contact us.

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